automatic hemmer Nov2019

Technology Notes - Automatic Bottom Hemmer

Bottom hemming, the finishing touch given to the garment, is commonly achieved through a double needle chain stitch sewing machine. However, this operation is highly worker dependent as it includes manual operations such as folding and closing at the end. Hence, the production rate may be reduced due to the operator’s low efficiency.

Automatic Circular Hemmer is a more reliable alternative and produces consistent stitching, ensuring finished seams of high quality. It is an adaptable solution in which the length of the hems can be adjusted easily by adjusting the stitch length. This machine can increase the production by up to 200% and would help reduce the bottlenecks that commonly occur at the hemming operation. The machine also greatly reduces the number of operators deployed for hemming operations and does not require any additional operator training.

automated bottom hemmer

Automation is a necessity for achieving higher production and better quality outputs in garment manufacturing. Under Wastra’s 2nd pillar – Technology, our garment manufacturing consultants help manufacturers choose the ideal technology from an array of options with the aim that it should reap maximum benefits at least possible cost while maintaining flexibility for unforeseen future requirements.