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Technology Notes - Automated Hanger Systems

Hanger systems are widely believed to be helpful in cut & sew operations of large size products such as home textiles. However, increasing wage costs and focus on quality & productivity globally have seen their widespread use across different product categories. Indian garment companies are also seen following suite. Earlier this year, one of India’s largest garment manufacturer installed 22 hanger production lines by Timtas from Turkey in one of its shirts making factories. The deployed system is reported to improve the factory productivity by eliminating idle operations and improve quality by reducing human handling.

automated hanger systems

Timtaş Konfeksiyon Malzemeleri is one of the leading warehouse solution providers. Its flexible material handling system utilizes computerized overhead transportation system to transfer garments across different workstations. The technology also enables tracking of productivity of each operator and ease in other processes such as ironing, quality control and packing of goods.

Few people are aware that the modern hanger systems find use across all departments in garment factory – from cutting to shipment loading in container!

In today’s context, automation is the need of the hour. This can even be a low cost automation solution customized to meet manufacturer’s specific needs. Under Wastra’s 2nd pillar – Technology, our garment manufacturing consultants help manufacturers choose the ideal technology from an array of options with the aim that it should reap maximum benefits at least possible cost while maintaining flexibility for unforeseen future requirements.

(Picture courtesy –Timtaş Konfeksiyon Malzemeleri)