“Excellent firms don’t believe in excellence – only in constant improvement and constant change” – Tom Peters

Wastra start-up and re-engineering services are modular in nature and could be scaled down into service modules that tune-up your garment factory and give it the specific advantage needed. Our tailored modules are suitable for garment factories regardless of size, location or product. Our vast exposure to various garment companies over the years have helped us identify the 7 most common
mistakes in a garment factory. If you notice similar mistakes in your garment factory set-up and want to tackle them one by one then ourĀ  modules are just right for you.

All our customized modules are designed to engineer key services and departments in your garment factory with the same intensity as they would in our comprehensive service. Some of our modules are:

  • Finetuning Factory Layout
  • Developing Performance Oriented Culture
  • Technology Selection and Vetting
  • Automates and Work-aids Selection
  • Software Selection
  • Designing Recruitment & Selection Methodology
  • Training of Trainers & Workers
  • Training of Supervisors and Middle Management
  • Designing and Implementing SOPs in Specific Departments
  • Setting Key Support Functions e.g. Quality Control, MIS, Industrial Engineering, etc.

Are you a garment factory owner with a very specific need to improve the factory performance?

Get in touch with us. Our team of experts could advise and implement an engineered module in your factory.

We drape our services according to your need – Our modules can be further tweaked to align with specific organizational needs.