Wazir Apparel Start-up and Re-engineering Assistance (Wastra) is an initiative of Wazir Advisors to help investors establish engineered garment factory and re-engineer existing factories to bring them closer to an engineered one. We help investors set-up a garment factory with trained manpower, optimum technology, ideal infrastructure and rationally designed processes.

Indian apparel market size is huge and the sector is passing through an important phase today. On one hand, changing consumer trends and growing disposable incomes are leading to high demand and a shift from tailor-made to ready-made clothing. While on the other hand, Central and State Government’s special incentives for garment manufacturing are making investments a lucrative proposition. In the global markets, China’s increasing manufacturing costs and trade tensions with USA may cause it to vacate space in international trade, which can be an opportunity for Indian apparel exporters.

India’s current apparel consumption is estimated to be approx. Rs. 5.6 lakh crores and the exports are approx. Rs. 1.1 lakh crores (FY 2020-21). The total market is expected to grow from Rs. 7 lakh crores to approx. Rs. 14 lakh crores by 2025-26. Addition of approx. Rs. 7 lakh crores market would require commissioning of approx. 40 lakh sewing machines in India by 2025

However, investments alone do not guarantee success. The ingredients for the success of a garment factory are organization, infrastructure, technology, and processes. In today’s increasingly competitive industry, one must adopt international best practices and benchmarks in the local context to establish a competitive and compliant set-up.

With these thoughts in mind, Wazir Advisors has launched Wastra.

The complex nature of fashion business needs apparel manufacturing set-ups that are agile and dynamic yet cost effective to meet the ever changing demands. WASTRA is aimed exclusively to deliver that.

We can help you achieve your vision to establish a competitive garment factory by working closely with your organization. Our team of apparel experts, industrial engineers, and fashion technologists possesses decades of?
cumulative experience in new factory Establishment on re-engineering assignments in India, Bangladesh, Vietnam, and Ethiopia. Our best practices and proven methods will set you up to continuously innovate and improve.

We can meet you anywhere in your garment manufacturing journey with a unique garment factory plan that changes and grows with you, from strategic advisory to full implementation to project management of your garment factory.